H1 extenstion: change from cap-exempt to cap-subject employer

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Any suggestions will be much appreciated.

H1 initial approval with extension: 07/01/2011-06/30/2016 (5 years) : Filed with a cap-exempt employer X

New H1: 07/01/2016 till 06/30/2017 (another 1 year) : Filed with a cap-exempt employer Y

PERM filed with the most recent employer Y and certified in March, 2017, expecting to file i-140 premium processing

Employer Y changed from Cap-exempt to Cap-subject status due to merger/acquisition as of Oct 2016.


Once I-140 approved with PP, Can the current employer Y file for H1 extension (in other words, will the change in cap-exempt to cap-subject status prevent filing for H1 extension after 6 years once I-140 is approved)?

Thank you for all your help in anticipation.

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