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I am currently in India and wont be returning till August 4th. I am on EB2 and my priority date is current (Apr 07) and recently got married and haven't filed for my wife (wife is on H1b) yet. Will it be ok to return on Aug 4 to file following to join for my wife or do I have to rebook my flight tkts to return by July 31st?? can anyone let me know how long it usually takes to get gc approved? any possibility of my gc being approved before Aug 4th?

any ideas or suggestions are welcome.

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These details are best explained in a consultation. But, as long as there is a document permitting you to get on the plane/get back to the US (AP or H1 visa), the travel could remain unchanged.

The case COULD be approved during the first few days of August. We received approvals dated July 1 last month, for cases that became current in July. These cases have been reviewed/preadjudicated and are ready to go, other than the visa number.

The FTJ case can still be filed even if the case is approved a few days before the reentry.

We do have an article on MDC that discusses I-485 approval while abroad.

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