H1B worker, pregnant


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My H1B visa 2nd extension is valid until July2017 but I have 4years of H1b cap available as I have not utilised the entire duration yet.

i have just got to know about my pregnany and hence I would like to know what are my options around H1B visa renewal. 

Is there a chance of visa getting declined ? If so, I would be in my 6-7th month phase and travelling to India might not be possible. Will I be premitted to stay until delivery?

is there any application that I can file beforehand to take care of negative scenarios ?

Please advise. thankyou.

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You seem to be confused about visa and status.

A visa is always only extended abroad at a US consulate.

In the US, you have a status, as listed on the most recent I-94. An H1 extension petition extends that status. You can not stay past the date of the I-94, or up to 240 days after that date if an H1 extension is pending. There is no exception for a pregnant person.

If your job is legit and not with a shady consulting company, you should be fine.

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