H1B under review foe more than 1 year


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Good Morning,
I have approved i-797 on my H1B visa and i came to home country(India) for stampping. First when i went for an interview i was told that your visa is revoked. Letter on i came to know when i contact my employer and lawyer that my case was not updated in us cosulate's system. After 3 months i recieved an email from us consulate mumbai for an interview and h1b visa was granted to me. Then i booked my air ticket and the day was about to fly to usa from india. I recived an call that i have to visit the us consulate mumbai. They didnt let me fly. So, i went again to the cosulate and they put the cancled stamp on my visa and didnt provided any reason. I went for an interview again and still they didnt provide me a reason and i was given a white slip that showing my case is in administrative process. Its been more than 1 year now. I have conacted mamy time to USCIS but i didnt get any upadte yet. 
Can you please help me?
I dont have any fault. I dont know why i am gettong through this. I was working so hard on microsoft product for my bright future. Now i am stuck here.
Please help.
Thank You

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