H1 Renewal Dropbox Hyderabad - Administrative Processing


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Hi all,


24 Feb 2017 - Dropped of the documents 

27 Feb 2017 - Case Created

27 Feb 2017 - Administrative Processing on CEAC Status Check


No further updates


Little background.

Both me and my wife are specialist physicians with high 6 figures salaries and straightforward employment directly with a major health organization.

fingers crossed and waiting for an update.

UStravel docs won't escalate or communicate with the consulate until after 10 days from the day consulate received the documents. 

I guess no one is immune to this admin processing thing. Not sure if it is 221g or something else. Called NVC multiple times and was told no notes or instructions on the application. 

Salt on the wound is my wife is the only Oncologist for about a 200 mile radius area and her patients are slated to loose more than us with her travel being delayed. 

No point now but should have chosen to not come back to India at this time. 




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My wife is on h4. She also dropped her documents in hyderabad on 24th february. The consulate received the documents on 27th February. Its been in administrative processing since then. I guess its taking 1 month if the case is in administrative processing. Please update here if you have any status changes. Thanks.

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