6 Year US stay clock reset


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I stayed in US from L1-B Visa from Sept 2010 to April 2014. My employer filed fresh H1-B for me in same year 2014 CAP (i.e on 1st April 2014 ) and then i travelled back to India on April 2014. MY H1-B was approved in lottery with petition start of 1 Oct 2014. Then I got my visa stamped in Dec 2014 and traveled back to US in May 2015. (i.e after staying in India for more than 1 year). 

Before 6 months I switched my job and got H1-B transfer approved with end date of April 2019. 
So does this mean my 6 year counter is reset and I can use full 6 years of my H1-B? Please help.

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