Need Advise H1b ends in 10 days !!!! Urgent !!!


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My Perm was filed around 26th of Jan2017 and we hope to get it approved by End of March 2017 at the current phase of approval.

The I-140 will be filed through premium processing by the company once we receive the approved PERM.

But My current H1b Visa ends in 20 days (March 24 2017) this includes all of my recapture time over the 6 years on H1b. so I am planning to leave the country by March 10th so that I would have atleast 15 days to spare on my current H1B.

Since the premium processing for H1B extension has been put on hold starting April 3 2017. I will not be able to get H1B extended within a quick time frame. ( it might take atleast 6 to 7 months with regular processing thus extending my stay outside the country).


This being the scenario My Immigration team has advised that they will apply for recapture of my 15 days with a start date of around 20th May 2017 .

With the recaptured 15 days and an approved I-140 they want me to get the visa stamping done and reenter the US.  After which they plan to apply for H1B extension and I can continue to work with the applied receipt notice until I get the H1b extension approval.

1.       Would like to know if the above detailed plan is the best course of action? Anything better that I  can pursue?

2.       If this plan is the best option. Will I even get a visa approved for 15 days on H1b ?

3.       Do I stand a better chance if I ask them to file for H1b extension after the I-140 approval and also use the H1b Visa extension receipt notice along with approved I-140 & 1-797 for 15 days for H1b as supporting document to reduce my chances of visa rejection?

4.       Or am I left with no other option but to wait for the H1B extension approval to get the visa and re-enter?


Any advice in this regard would be helpful.

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