Holding H1B and working at Ind for another employer


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I'm currently working in US in status - L2 EAD.
My employer A wants to file H1B under 2017 quota, but I'm not sure if I can continue to stay over here at US as my spouse (who is the primary applicant holding L1B) organization may send him back to India with in a month or two which is not confirmed, we might stay back too but not sure.

So, I wanted to know, after my employer A files H1B at US unfortunately if I go back to Ind , can I work for another employer B at Ind ?

Also, staying at Ind (while working for employer B), when I get to know that I've been picked through lottery and also my petition gets approved and change of status to H1 (with employer A) happens  during Oct 2017, do I need to quit employer B in Ind ?  Or, is it allowed to work for B (as long as I'm there at Ind) irrespective of holding H1 with A at US ?

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