498a case with FIR registered in India


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Hi all,

I am working on H1 since two years with consultancy here.I visited india to get divorced last month and later i came back to US.I got a call from my bother that my wife in india has filed all this rubbish against me.I have heard if I go to India, I may not get my passport back. I will surely lose my job then and hence I do not want to visit India

Secondly, if I do not go when charges are framed, sooner or later I will get a warrant, then a non bailable warrant and then an absconder. 

What happens after that? My visa also expires in a few months.

I have a lawyer though and he is filing the petition in High court to stay/squash FIR.What if high court deny stay/squash FIR?

Will the US govt renew my visa if my wife sends information about warrants to the US embassy or USCIS?


What is the way out?

Thanks for any suggestions\help.

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