Date of Birth Change in I-140


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Hi all,

here is my situation...

My employer has 2 companies. I used to work for company A, got my H1b, approved PERM and I-140(EB2) in 2012. unfortunately there was a audit on my H1b in 2012 and then i had my  H1b transfered to company B. both Company A and Company B are under same employer. that was in 2012.

now i need to change my DOB in my passport. now my Questions is: do i need to file I-140 Amendment? i.e. update my change in DOB  in my I-140? is it a long and risky process considering that fact that Iam working for company B now and I-140 was approved for company A? also do i need to file my PERM again?.  what is the usual time for an amended I-140 to be approved. please advise.



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