L2 EAD to H4 EAD conversion


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I am currently on L1 and my wife is working on L2 EAD. The L1/L2 is valid till Nov 2018.  I have I140 approved. I was on H1 from Oct 2013 to to Nov 2015. So I will be able to convert back to H1 without waiting for lottery. If I do so I have few questions:

1. Once the COS to H1 ad H4 is approved can I file H4 EAD immediately or I have go out and come back into USA?

2. Can my wife continue to work on L2 EAD once the H1/H4 cos is approved?

3. If she cant work on L2 EAD when the H4 is approved there will be a gap in her employment till her H4 EAD is approved? how can we avoid the gap? Please note that my employer doesn't want to file H4 EAD along with H1/H4 petition since its out of their policy.


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