Urgent help on H1B denial


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I am a working professional from India, through one of my colleagues found a potential employer who have filed H1B on my behalf.

My H1B petition was picked on May 11 2016 and after waiting for almost six months got below response from USCIS

You are requested to submit additional evidence regarding with NOID

1. SOW for the requested period of H1B which was 35 months

2. Employer was asked to submit tax returns

3. Client agreement letters

My employer submitted the details on November 30th 2016

On Feb 3rd we got a denial notice from USCIS with a chance of filing for MTR.

From the denial notice we could see that USCIS was not satisfied with the evidence provided by my employer.

In such cases what are the chances of case approval and what would be the time line.

Thanks in advance.

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