Urgent : J1 Hardship Waiver Pending and Visa Expiring


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hi everyone.


I am j1 student and i am thinking to apply for a wavier (hardship only) . I saw on this forum that wavier take very long time to get approved. My visa is expiring in 3 months. What would be my status if my wavier is pending and ds2019 expires in 3 months. Please comment urgently. Thanks

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Hello Muhammad, 

the length of time for each hardship waiver can also vary in time taken, but overall I believe the length of time for processing with USCIS is around 4 months and then the case goes to DOS and they seem to be taking around 3-4 months as well to send favorable recommendations.

You need to contact an immigration attorney that specializes in J1 hardship waiver cases to talk to them about the options you have quickly. you technically would have to leave within 30 days after your J1/DS 2019 expiry date, but it does depend on what type of visa you will be applying to after you receive a successful hardship waiver approval that can have an effect on when you might have to leave the country, because the main issue is what you could face when returning even if you receive a successful waiver recommendation.

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