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I completed my Master's Degree (April 2016) from a school which is accredited to ACICS. Today I heard that court is going to terminate ACICS permanently. I already have my initial OPT with me.

My question is 
1.) If I do another master's from an public university I won't get new OPT because I do have my initial OPT so,am I eligible for STEM extension from my initial OPT college (passed out on April 2016) or from my new Master's college will USCIS consider this scenario?

I appreciate if anyone could provide me relevant reply.




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ACICS is not a recognized accreditor anymore. They are suing against that, and that is still ongoing. Yesterday's ruling was about a preliminary injunction, which was denied, so they continue to not be recognized anymore. I personally doubt their lawsuit will be successful, because they "accredited" a bunch of shady institution which never should have been accredited. But in any case, that's for the courts to decide.

You can't get OPT or OPT STEM for another Masters degree. You should have signed up with a public university from the beginning...

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Thank you for the clarification.

One more question: What if i considering joining in Ph.D ?

1) After completion of my Ph.D, am i eligible to apply for OPT as its a different stream ?

2) Which category I fall under when I am applying for H1 after Ph.D? 

Please help.

I am trying to check all the possibilities I have right now and I agree I should have signed up in a Public University in the beginning it self.

But I didn't know the issues with Private University  :( :( and now I am stuck. 






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You can get another OPT when you do a higher degree.

A PhD, though, is a completely different beast from a Masters. You'd be doing research 24/7 for 5+ years. You eat, drink and sleep your research. If the PhD is in a STEM field, you of course can get the STEM extension (if it still exists at that point, with the current wannabe dictator President, one never knows.)

And of course, the jobs you'd go for if you have a PhD are different. Friends of mine with PhDs in CS either went to academia, i.e. faculty positions, or to top-level companies like Google, Intel, Microsoft, etc.

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