H1B 221g letter for second time


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I did my masters in US and worked for around a year in my OPT period and then in 2016 October I got my H1B.
I came to India for vacation on Dec 3,2016. I went to H1B stamping for the first time . I was given form 221g requesting for the following documents:
          * Agreement between my employer and client.
           *Complete project description.
            *End Client Letter.
On request, my employer gave me a letter signed by my employer stating that I work at my employer site and not at the end client location..On submitting this letter to US consulate, after 59 days I got a mail again to submit end client letter. Since i work at my employer site and not at  end client site, client  was not able to give a letter. Also it has been around 3 months, so my employer has hired another person to furnish the job. Right now, I have H1B valid from Oct 2016-Oct 2019. What are the options for me to enter again to US.
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You should check first in your petition is there anything mentioned about client ? or client location ? if not then you should explain in detail about your job duties and work location related information to uscis.  you do not have any other option... you can find another employer to file your new h1 with new job then you can apply new visa...

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First question do you still have a job with the client?

Did your employer cancel your H1B / Revoked it?

If your current client is not willing to give a letter which means the VISA office will not approved your VISA since you have no job left. The only way you can come back to usa is to find a new job. Apply for a new h1b amendment and go for the visa again.


You need to withdraw the passport first.

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