Regarding H1B on dual Master's Degree


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Due to ACICS issue I am planning to do second master's in public university and also got the admission.

1.) I have a question regarding STEM OPT process, my initial OPT was accredited to ACICS so if I apply for STEM extension after my second master's degree will my degree be considered from the present university or still from the previous university on which my initial OPT was approved.

2.) When I plan to apply for H1B, on what degree  can I apply?Either with my second master's or previous master's? Which one is consider as a valid degree?

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You won't qualify for OPT for the second masters.

And based on posts here, USCIS seems to be denying H1s based on degrees from institutions who were accredited by ACICS, even if the degree was awarded when the institution was accredited. I personally think that is wrong, because once you have the degree, you have no influence about what happens in the future, you can't change things... But in the era Trump, anything is possible...


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As I said, the Old degree should be valid for the Master's quota if you got it while the institution was accredited. It seem, though, that USCIS doesn't agree. It may need  lawsuit to sort that out.

Until then, the safe way is to use a degree from an accredited public university.

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