USCIS intent to revoke approved I-140


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Hi, USCIS had approved my I140 petition in beginning of December 2016.I got to know from my attorney that they received [start of Feb 2017] from USCIS an intention to revoke the approved I140.

My attorney thinks this intent of revocation is due to language used in the Job description during the perm process and also thinks they have a valid response to give a reply.

I am in my last year of H1B [only 6 months left in my 6 year h1 period ] and in this situation my attorney is planning to apply for H1B extension.Even if I get 3 year extension based on the current approved I140[but with a revocation notice in pending] ,
will there be any changes later to my H1B duration when USCIS decides to uphold the revocation?[As my H1B extension is linked to I-140].

Any help here is much appreciated.Thanks.

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