H1B transferred, but can I stay


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Hi all - I am in a bit weird situation. I have been working at company A for 5 years and have an approved I-140 as well. Due to some under-paid/monetary reasons I recently accepted an offer from Company B and they have also processed my H1B Visa transfer. Today when I informed my boss about leaving company A. He immediately suggested that Company A can counter the offer that Company B has made and asked me if I could still stay. Given I have been with Company A for 4 years and with an approved I-140 I think it will be better for me to stay with Company A.

Now my question is, can I still choose to stay with company A, despite the fact that my H1B is already transferred to Company B? Also, would I land in any obligated trouble for not joining Company B because they have spent time and money for H1B Visa transfer?

Any suggestions as to how I can handle this situation would be very helpful. 

Thanks in advance.

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