K3 visa while 485 is in processing


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I am on H1b Visa currently. I got married to US citizen and would be doing concurrent filing for I130 + 485 .

I am assuming i would get my EAD in 2 months. 


I have some questions

1) If i keep working for my current employer , since i wont be using my EAD card would my H1B status be maintained ? Since i am on H1B i wont be needing advanced Parole to travel?

2) If i were to quit my job would i need H1B sponsorship for my new Job since i have an EAD based on a pending request? Also what would be my status if i were to work on Basis of EAD

3) If i leave my current Job to work on EAD is it advisable to travel? Should i apply for K3 visa simultaneously to maintain my status in case i quit my H1B job.   If i travel after K3 visa is approved(would i get 797 notice of action?) i am thinking i would require to stamp it to reenter. Would there be potential problems since my 485 petition is pending?

4) If i find another H1B employer to sponsor me would there be any problem for the petition to be approved since my 485 would be pending?


Thanks for the Help

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