GC Processing being outside USA


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I work for a MNC and my GC priority date is mid May 2011. I have to take another job in another country with the same company as resources are being moved as part of strategic decision.

Two scenarios i see

1) Move happens after priority date becomes current

2) Move happens before prioority date becomes current

Can GC processsing still happen in both scenarios and what is the best option

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My EB1A (Alien of Extraordinary ability) and EB2 (NIW) were concurrently filed on September 1, 2010 at TSC by Ashley and Krishnan, TX Houston. Both got approved on August 31, 2011. I am waiting to receive the notification by post. Meanhwile, I am travelling to India for H1B stamping with consular processing because adjustment of status was denied due to tardiness of my second employer STATE UNIV 2 in filing my H1B PP. H1B was approved however. What are the chances that H1B may be denied by the Consulate in India, because I was out of status for 70 days (no fault of mine). Can I still seek adjustment of status by filing I-485 with Consular processing, if my h1B is denied...because i have a standing offer of employment from STATE UNIV 2?

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