Impacts of PWD Delays for All set to file PERM


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Hello Seniors and Murthy Attorney(s),

For my PERM, I got my PWD more than 2.5 months back after which the active and quiet recruitment periods are completed. With that said, my employer is ready to file PERM now. At this stage, do I understand that this PWD Delays from the DOL side still impacts my PERM filing? Please advice.

Thank you.

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If you have already received a PWD in your case, then the PWD delay does not affect your PERM application. Should you case be ready to file per your attorney's guidance, then your case will be able to be submitted to the DOL without delay.

Should you have any further case-specific questions, you may wish to consult a knowledgeable immigration attorney.

The Murthy Law Firm has a well regarded Greencard Department that is well experienced in immigration matters should you wish to schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys.

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