Need help on my H1b case status


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Hello All,

US employer filed my H1b on April 2016. My case was picked in the lottery and later I got a RFE in the month of September 2016. My US employer submitted the RFE and the case was updated in the USCIS site as "response received to our RFE". After 2 weeks I see my case status as "Withdrawal Acknowledgement Notice Was Sent"!! So I checked with my US employer and they replied saying they have not withdrawn my case. Moreover they have not received the withdrawal acknowledgment notice too, its more than 40 days now. My US employer said they will check with the USCIS on it.

While they get back on it, I just want to know by any chance will USCIS site get updated with the incorrect status and has anyone gone through this incorrect withdrawal status update without the employer withdrawing the case ?

Waiting for your answers. Thanks in advance.

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