Petition denied due to abandonment- H1b denied though REF was answered


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I had received an RFE on my cap H1b 2017 which was answered by my employer.

Unfortunately, now I have received an denial notic which states that the reason for denial is that the failure of submission of RFE.

1) Is there a possibility that the RFE documents was not reached USCIS and they can reconsider this?

2) what are the success rate in such cases?

3) how long might this process take?

Quick response will help me as I have very few days felt to submit mtr.

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On 2/11/2017 at 4:01 AM, rohang said:

1) your attorney must have courier tracking for RFE response? How can you be sure, if your employer ever responded. Courier either reaches or comes back.

It will be hard to revive your case if thr is no genuine reason for missing the deadline.

Thanks for the response.

Communicating with my HR person, i got to know that the attorney says he has submitted.

Is there any possibility that USCIS has messed in my case?

OR is it that, USCIS has never done such mess and the attorney only has missed to submit the RFE?

I am asking these questions as, I am planning to file for 2018 cap as well and i want to decide if i should stay with my current employer and give him another try!!


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