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I am currently employed by University A on H1B visa.  My visa is valid until December 2017.  I am changing jobs and will be working for University B starting March 1st.  The paperwork for transferring my H1B visa is in the process.  The HR at the University B tells me that my visa transfer will be completed by March 1st, so that I can start working then.  

I would like to get some time off before starting the new job. Is it ok for me to stop working for University A at this point?  Do I get a certain grace period between the two employments during which time my visa will still be valid?  

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Hi Meera,

While you are on H1B your payroll needs to be maintained. you can take vacation for one or two weeks but your employer (Univ A) should run your payroll for the rest of the month. you cannot be on vacation completely with out payroll. If you do that you will have issues in the future. I am not a attorney i just provided you what i know. If you still need advice talk to a immigration lawyer.

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