H1B Renewal pending, visa expiring next month


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 I  have a few questions regarding the H1B renewal process. I have been on H1B visa for multiple years and also have an approved I-140 with a priority date of 2011.

I am trying to determine if premium processing is recommended for my case:


1. An I-797C for the upcoming H1 renewal was received by my employer's legal team around beginning of November last year.  My current H1B is expiring on 03/09 next month. Will there be any concerns with my immigration status in USA after 03/09 (while waiting for a response from USCIS)?

2. Will there be any issues with domestic travel within the US after 03/09- can I still use my passport and/or expired driver's license to meet ID requirements at airports?

3. The service center for processing the H1 extension is Nebraska- per USCIS website, it appears that they are currently processing applications for I-129, Sept 2nd 2016. Is it a reasonable assumption to make that the Nebraska office should typically process the  H1 renewal application approx 2 months from now (based on the Nov 2016 date)?



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