EAD/AP renewal under extended review


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My EAD/AP is expiring on 15th Feb; 2017. I applied for EAD/AP renewal in October 2016 to receive it on time & my receipt date is 16th October, 2016. I did not receive the renewal after 90 days so I called couple of times to USCIS service center and they said that it's under process. I raised a service request on 27th Jan,2017 and got the an email from USCIS that my EAD/AP renewal case is currently under extended review.

At the same time, my wife got her EAD/AP approvals within 3 months.

Does anyone has any idea on this type of situation & what we can do?


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Yes, I am eligible for an automatic extension of 180 days. The status from USCIS says - 'it's under extended review' though it is more than 100 days since they received my application. I applied at TSC. 

My only concern is 'what does extended review mean?'. I have not received any communication from USCIS to provide any more documents. How much time it would take to resolve the case?

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My EAD expired on Feb 01 2017, However, I applied for a renewal on October 11, 2016, I still did not receive my EAD on Hand, Am I eligible to work based on the new rule of Automatic Extension of EAD if filed before the Expiry date. Should I wait until I get my EAD card on Hand to start work. Right now I am not working.

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