Change of Employer after I 140 approval


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My I140 got approved in December 2015. I am in my 8th of H1B visa. with recent extension I got petition approved till August 2019. I am planning to change employer with approved I 140. My current employer with whom I got approved I140 mentioned that the I140 will be revoked if an employee resigns.

As part of the I140-EAD rule, it was mentioned that I140 cannot be revoked by employer. Below are my questions, please clarify.

1. If I change employer, can my current employer revoke the approved I140 ?

2. If my current employer revokes the I140, can I retain my priority date if I initiate GC process with the new employer ?

3. If my current employer revokes I140, will my wife H4-EAD still be valid ?

4. If my current employer cannot revoke I140, can I use that I140 for extending my work petition after 3 years, to extend H4-EAD & to retain the priority date ? 

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