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I've worked in in a product development company in India from 2011-2014. I've transferred to US in 2014 on L1B visa. While working on L1B, my Home office is maintained as India and get India employee benefits such as PF instead of 401k, which is normal.  In 2016, my employer filed H1B and its effective from 2016 October. Now, I'm working on H1B but my Home Office is still maintained as India.   My paystub will show as transferred employee compensation and it'll reflect the amount deducted for my PF contribution in India.

I'm not sure whether its legal to work on H1B visa in USA, but still maintaining the employment (or Home location) with India office. Will it cause any legal issues to my employment or when I go for stamping on my next trip to India. Pls suggest.


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