Is it a good time to change client (in C2C, continuing with my current employer), will the H1B Amendment be approved?


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I am with employer X and working for Client A, I have approved 3 year H1B Extension (due to Approved I-140), for personal reasons, I am planning to switch to Client B (through C2C option), but continuing with same X employer (switching to different state PA to TX). Will I have any issues in getting amendment with Client B (in current H1B regulation changes and with lot of denials?)


1) I have long term contract with Client A, if I know that H1B Amendment will cause any issues, I will continue with Client A without any issues, please advise. (Is it better to avoid any type of requests with USCIS at this situation?)

2) Without Informing Client A, can I apply for Amendment in premium processing for Client B, if amendment declined, can I continue with Client A ?

3) Can I join Client B after the amendment is approved ? or do I need to join Client B before the amendment approval?

Please help 

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