Problems at Port of Entry ?


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Hi fellow people,

I have an urgent question. 

I recently heard plenty of news that even if we have H1B stamping, we are having problems at POE. One of the news says recently more than 10 H1B visa people were denied re-entry at Port of Entry at ATL (Atlanta) airport. 

I have my flight from ATL to HYD and will return in 2 weeks to ATL. 

Does anyone know about this news? Is it for real? Please help! 


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Are there any entry experiences regarding passport holders from countries "not on the ban list" with H1B, Green Card, born outside but now US citizens ? I have GC with passport from country that is not on the ban list. Planning to go to Mexico for vacation in March. Is it advised to continue with the plan?

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All Ports of Entry into the United States will be more challenging going forward. You will hear many things of this sort because there are many people from the list of 7 countries with H1Bs and other visas. Not everybody coming into the USA from these 7 countries is a refugee. You need to ensure that your entry is compliant with the law, you are coming into work at the location on your H1B and to do the job stated thereon. If there are discrepancies or questions, you should talk with a lawyer first to get that resolved before trying to come into the USA.


Separate and apart and even before this Executive Order was issued, CBP was more carefully scrutinizing people coming into the USA.

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