I-485 unreasonable wait time even after contacting congressman


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Hi All,

Priority Date: April 2011

Country: India

Cross Charge-ability: Under China since spouse is from China 

Type: EB2

My I-485 got current in April 2015. I submitted all the forms and documents by the end of April 2015. I received a receipt of I-485 submission in June 2015. After that there was not update. When I contacted in March 2016 after the case was out of processing time USCIS replied that Visa are not available any more for this year. I contacted USCIS again in October 2016 when the visas became available, USCIS replied that they have to do some more processing and asked to contact after 6 months. I contacted senator for my state in November 2016, senator's office said that they have launched an inquiry and USCIS has told them to that it will take 30 business days for a reply. There was no reply from USCIS in 30 business days so the senator's office contacted them again in January 2017, USCIS replied that contact back in 60 days if there is no update to the case.

My case has already been delayed so much. 60 more days seems unreasonable. On top of that reply from USCIS doesn't state anything other than "The constituents case have been requested for review and processing. If after 60 days of this email USCIS has not notified your constituents regarding the status of this case, please feel free to contact our office to request the status."

Could you suggest what are some of the options available to me at this stage?

  1. Should I contact another congressman?
  2. Should I contact Ombudsman?
  3. Or does 60 days sounds reasonable and I should just wait?
  4. Or wait for 30 days and then do option 1 or 2?
  5. Some other ways that you guys know?


March 2015: Priority Date became current

April 2015: Submitted all the forms and documents

June 2015: Received I-485 submission receipt

March 2016: Case was out of processing time so contacted USCIS, USCIS replied no visas

October 2016: Contacted USCIS again since the visas became available. USCIS replied to wait 6 months for processing

November 2016: Contacted Senator

January 2017: Senator received reply from USCIS, wait for status change up to 60 days


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