PERM denied today :( supervised recruiting was the cause


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H1b- 6 years up in oct11 . employer is subject to supervised recruitment ( due to which my case was under supervised recruiting ).

Lots of candidates were interviewed in last 3 months and mostly all rejected as they did not fit the criteria / not met the job requirement. DoL came back saying recruitment exercise was not sufficient and mentioned few candidates were eligible and hence my perm application has been rejected.

Original file date of perm :oct2009. my case has been audited and has been in labor stage for last 2 years.

Lawyers are planning to file an appeal by putting a case together. What is the probability that this would even work ? I have been waiting for last 2 years for labor to be approved. I got my current extension for 1 year but is there any hope for this case to proceed ?

IS supervised recruitment law going to change anytime soon ?

This seems to be a hopeless cause !!!! Please advice !!


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