company got acquired - NEED HELP!!!


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I have approved PERM and I-140 application with Company A under EB2 category. Company B acquired company A (completely), and I am continuing work for company B. My PD would become current in next month visa bulletin.

Will it be OK to file I-485 with my existing PERM and I-140 of company A since Company A is acquired by Company B? Or Do I need to apply PERM and I-140 again with Company B?

Please advise me, my priority date would become current soon.

I really appreciate your help



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You need to file an I140 amendment asap.

You cannot use Company As I140.


I140 Amendment is unnecessary only if your answer is yes to all the questions below.

1. Your employment letter from Comp B with same no change in Job, duties, salary, location.

2. Pending I-485 for more than 180 days and you are eligible for AC21?

3. No material change in these companies and your employment (job, duties, salary, location)?


If you attempt to file with comp B letter, you may receive an RFE on I140. Talk to an immigration attorney.

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