EB3 to EB2 porting / expediting GC processing

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I have an approved I140 (EB3 category with PD of 2012...wife's on H4 with approved EAD). I was trying to explore opportunities to expedite my green card processing:

Background: I have a total of 12 years of work-ex with the same company (financial services MNC)....when EB3 was filed I was told I could not show my current experience to count towards EB2...the assessment done by the legal dept. of my company did not consider my Indian post graduate diploma in management as a US master's equivalent. Now, since then I have had multiple promotions and role changes/enhancements within the same company. I'm looking to get the right advice in terms of next steps:

Option a) Is EB3 to EB2 porting possible with my current situation? What are the risks of applying for the fresh I140/PERM? I've been rated outstanding in my performance/leadership (top 20% within peers) for 6 out of last 7 years and have been promoted multiple times throughout my career.

Option b) Management is willing to sponsor an executive MBA in the US starting in 2018...can this help me in the eventual porting to EB2

Option c) EB1-C: Even though I had around 18 months of work-ex in the India subsidiary before transferring to US on L1B, legal dept. has ruled out applying on the EB1 category given the junior role I had back in 2005-06. However since then I have moved to a leadership role and can potentially try for an international posting within the company in a different country (and possibly return back to the US on L1A after 3-4 years and subsequently file in the EB1-C category)

Option d) Change employer and possibly try and get EB2 filed given my experience....what are the risks in this option? Given the possibility of Option (b), I'm wondering if changing jobs would be a good option even though it might come with higher salary.

Option e): My 3-year old was born in the US ...so continue on EB3 for next 15 odd years and eventually get the GC through the child (riskiest and last option!!) 

Looking for some practical possibilities and suggestions for next steps!



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