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I don't have a work permit because I am waiting for u-visa approval. I used to work an year ago, but I lost job due to domestic violence, hospitalization and divorce. My friends have been supporting me and my children because I can't legally work while waiting for visa approval. its becoming very tough to raise two children with almost no income. Desperately waiting for work authorization but until then I am wondering if I am allowed to work remotely for any non-US company and who pay outside of US ?  I want to understand tax and immigration implications for this scenario. I am willing to report any income on taxes, but I am not sure if I am allowed to work remotely for a company that doesn't have operations in US..

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I am in the other way round situation, I am the victim of domestic violence and pregnant as of now and has one kid to raise. Currently on

H4 visa, Can I apply for EAD with the new policy of 1-765v. I was not admitted into US with H-4 visa I was on F-1 visa and then changed it into

H-4 visa and then this happened. Please any help or suggestion would work.  


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