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My contract with a client ended at the start of the new year, i was out of US at that time. My h1b employer then revoked my I-797 as they don't support bench pay (status on uscis website shows 'revoked'). I now have gotten another client contract, so, my same h1b employer is re-filing for my h1b to re-instate my status. As i am out of US still, my question is with re-entry. I currently have the old revoked I-797 with valid dates, I also have visa stamped on my passport which i got using the same old revoked I-797 and it also has valid dates. I will be getting the receipt # soon for the new h1b visa which my employer is now in the process of filing. 

My question is: Do i need to have the new I-797 and the new visa stamp based on it on my passport to re-enter? Or is there any chance that i can still re-enter using my revoked i-797 and stamp as they have valid dates.

I think the answer is: I will need new I-797 & old visa stamp will do. Revoked 797 is useless. -- let me know.

Another question I have is regarding my new h1b re-file: As i am out of US does that affect the approval/non approval (rfe etc) in any way? They will be filing on the basis of my approved I-140.

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