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Hi All,

My Wife went for H1B stamping in Chennai on October 20th. She received a Blue Slip for filing a new Petition and appear for interview once it was received.

We applied for her Petition in Premium and it was approved in November. She again went for stamping on November 27th and the officer collected some documents from her, but mentioned that they have all documents from us, but they need to do some internal Administrative processing and again gave the Blue Slip. he had then mentioned that this is internal processing and they need no further documents from our end. He also mentioned that this should be sorted out in 2 weeks time.

It has now been close to 2 months and the status is still in Admin Processing. The updated date has changed on the CEAC website  on Dec 26th, Jan 6th and Jan 12th but the status has not changed. What does the Updated Date change mean? Are they working on our case?

Is there any way to escalate or fasten the process since this has already been stuck for 2 months, when the consular had informed that it will be resolved in 2 weeks?

Please Advice.


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Not sure if this will be of much help, but since the last updated date is changing, maybe they are doing something. In my case the last updated date has not changed since September 26th, 2016. It's been close to 3 months since we submitted the required documents. Just some background info - I studied and worked in the US from 2010 to 2015, and had to come back to India because my OPT expired, and my petitions were never picked in the lottery.

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