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Hello Everyone,


This forum did help me a lot for H1 stamping, I am sure it did for many others too. Anyways, here is my H1B visa interview experience, sorry for the delayed post.


Appointment on Jan 4th 2017 (Wednesday) morning

Status Update 1: Admin Processing on Jan 4th evening

Status Update 2: Jan 6th morning around 10 am to “Issued”

Status Update 3: Jan 6th Afternoon (Friday) around 2pm, tracking number was updated.

Status update 4: Received email from Canada post on Jan9th (Monday) around Noon to pick up the passport


Interview Questions:


Who is your employer

2)      What Kind of services does your employer offer

3)      Where do you work

4)      How long you have been with this employer

5)      What is your job title and responsibilities

6)      What is your current Salary

7)      Does your employer have any direct clients & who are they

8)      Did your employer apply for GC, if yes, Do you have any proof? ( I gave them a copy of my I-140 that is received through the Freedom of Information Act)

9)      Where did you do the Masters

10)   How long you have been in US


Documents Requested by Visa Officer:

1)      Passport

2)      I-797 Original

3)      Old passport

4)      I-140 copy


Interview took a long time, after every question, he would check the computer for a minute, I guess he was cross checking something. And finally he just kept the passport and returned all the documents back to me & Said the golden words “your visa is approved”.


I met one more guy over there and his H1B also got approved & he said visa officer only asked passport and I-797, nothing else.


Hopefully this helps..


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