Visa Stamping question with regards to DUI


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I had a DUI incident in Oct-2016, court hearing in few days in Jan-2017. I have a lawyer and we will mostly plead guilty. I was planning to travel to India in Feb-2017.

My Visa has expired and was due for stamping so I will have to go through the medical process and am mentally preparing for a little longer time in India than expected.

My question to the folks here is should I travel to India now or should I complete the DUI related classes (which usually last for 3 months) and the entire process ? My lawyer suggested it is safer to go after the whole process is done. I do agree with her but delaying my trip will be a little difficult (not impossible). I should go at a later date but wanted to hear from the community, has someone traveled before the process was completed ?

I think completing the entire process helps during the psych evaluation ? but this might be half knowledge. Do suggest.  

Also can I complete the medical evaluation if I travel in Feb-2017 or do I have to wait for a specific duration before  I can do those ?

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1st DUI is not deportable and most likely should not be a problem if we don't go outside US.

Which state you had your DUI? based on the state you may have to complete probation period(0-24 months). It is not safe to travel outside of US before completing all hearing outcome. But again, it all depends on the consular you meet in india and his mood.

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