Changing citizenship to Portugal and need H1B stamp


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I was an Indian citizen and obtained my Portuguese citizenship and passport in June 2016. My extension to H1B was applied earlier this year (in January 2016) before I got my Portuguese citizenship. My H1B stamp expired September 2016. I put my application for my Indian citizenship cancellation in and it is in processing and will apply my OCI soon after.

 My I797A came in December, where it shows my country of citizenship is India. My company's immigration lawyers said that it does not matter that the I797A shows India. Hence I have the following two questions:

1. Does the country of citizenship mentioned on the I797A matter or do I need an amendment / renunciation certificate / anything else? 

2. Can I get my visa stamped in India or do I have to go to Portugal?

Any information on this matter will be greatly appreciated.


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If you new i797 has Indian consulate mentioned you need to go to that specific consulate.

But if you received an i797 with the i94 like an extension then you can go to any consulate. Examples:

1)Canada or Mexico

2) Portugal since you are a citizen now

3) India since you will have an OCI Card


But do carry all your previous documents for the Interview  like Cancelled Indian Paspport with your old H1B stamping, Citizenship renunciation, OCI Card .


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