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Hello There 

This is a scenario for an person who did COA from H4 to H1B with an approved H1B status valid from 10/2014 to 10/2017 with Company A.  Person worked with Company A from 10/2014 to 09/2015.  In 10/2015 this person joined Company B after the receipt notice with USCIS status as case received, the processing mode was normal.  In 10/2016 this person filed H1B transfer to Company C after receiving the receipt notice.  Now Company C is doing a premium processing.  Since the Company B petition is still 'Case Received' status after 1 year, will there be any impact.  Pl note Approved H1B / I94 status of  Company  A is still valid through 10/2017.

Went the below post, but there is a slight difference as Company A approved petition is not expired.  



Any feedback will be greatly appreciated




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