Fired - Employer retaliation on h1b


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Working for startup company A for 2.5 months. High stress and after a mild tiff  with company owner, was fired next day. He gave an excuse quoting my inability to deal with stress (kind of true) but the real reason was because of argument the previous day. Saving grace is I got 2 weeks notice.

Current company A had filed for H1B transfer in October (regular processing) and its not yet approved.

Have a valid H1B from old employer (company B) until 2018 and I-140 approved. They haven't revoked H1B or I140 but they don't have any positions open.

My questions are:

1) If I find another employer will the transfer have to be from company B (since A is not yet approved)?

2) As per this article http://www.****************.com/************** will the 60 day grace period apply?

3) Can anything be done for the retaliation firing?

Thanks much in advance!

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