H1 B approved, received i 797b.


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Hello Guys,

      Hope someone will answer my questions. I'm on F1 (joined second masters in Nov 2016) My H1 got approved on dec 12th 2016 after one week we received i 797b instead of i 797a. So my employer and attorney thought my COS was rejected so we were thinking of applying for amendment for H1 with a different client. But recently heard from my DSO that my SEVIS was terminated by USCIS due to change of status on 14th Dec. 

Does it mean my change of status has been approved?

Now my attorney says USCIS should not do that (terminating SEVIS). He is still advising me to apply for an amendment. Can I stay in US without i 94?

Am I on H1? can someone please advise me what should I do now?





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