H1B Expiring, EAD GC pending, Wrong Alien number


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I am H1B visa holder. I have question regarding my marriage based Green Card application. I-130, I-485, I-765, I-131

Application received by USCIS : April 20

Fingerprinting done: May 24

Adjustment of Status interview: July 13

I had a very good interview and the officer said he will approve my AOS but first he needs to clean my file as USCIS mixed up my file with some other person's file who has same name and who already got GC 3 years back. Also the Alien number USCIS gave to me belongs to him. So the officer said he will clean my file and they will have to assign me new alien number and it may take 2 weeks and I will not have to attend interview again most likely. Also we got RFE for this discrepancy, which we responded before interview already.

Current Status:

I-485 (AOS) : Testing & review

I-130 (petition) : Initial review

I-765 (EAD) : RFE Response review

I-131 (AP) : RFE Response review

Now the problem is my H1B expires on Aug 1 and employer will not file H1B now.

1. When do you think I will get my GC or EAD?

2. My H1B expires on Aug 1. I can't work without EAD after my I-797 expires, Can I? Should I take a leave or can I continue working?

3. What can be done to expedite the process?

Thank you for reading.

I would really appreciate your suggestion.

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