Will ACICS affect my H1 b application


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Hello Everyone

I have graduated from a school which is accredited by ACICS and now as many know that ACICS has lost its recognition as an accrediting council and all the schools which were accredited by ACICS  are given 18 months time to find a new accreditor.

I am on my opt now and working for a firm and they are ready to file  H1 B.

My Question is, Will I be able to apply H1 B  in masters quota as the universities are given 18 month time period and the school will be accredited till that date and If I get an H1 B visa in Masters quota and if my school is not able to find an accreditor then will that affect my  H1 B Visa at that time and will that affect the extension process after 3 years.

Kindly help me

I have been asking many people but I got mixed answers which are very confusing. 

I appreciate if you give me any kind of suggestions that would help me in this situation

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