Labor market test failed


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My 6 years of H1B expires on Jan 2018. My employer has been working on 1st stage of my GC for the past 1 year. Last week they told me that labor market test failed. In order to file PERM before 5th year of my H1B expiry date, they said, they will be including me in an already started labor market test from a different market. They are also saying that, there is a higher chance for this labor test to pass, so my perm application could be filed before 2nd week of Jan 2017. This is confusing as I have never heard about this before. My paralegal and management is pretty confident that it will be successful. I would like to know your thoughts on this? Will this work? I am and will be still in location A while my paralegal will include me in labor test for location B. I was told that, once my perm/I-140 is approved, I should try to move to location B before I receive my GC?!?!

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