Travel Back to USA when the H1B amendment is under progress


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1. My H1B base petition was approved for Client A and I got my visa stamped till July 2017.

2. My employer gave me an internal memo, Work Authorization Letter and sent me to USA on Jan 2015. They did not file any amendment to USCIS by the time for Client A to B

3. I entered into USA and started working for Client B since Jan 2015 with the Base Petition and Client B invitation Letter product in the port of enter.

4. In Oct 2015 my client B moved me to a different location within 10 miles and there was an amendment filed for location change on Oct 2015.

5. USCIS has rejected my amendment petition for the location change on Sep 2016. I have got only the message "applicant not meet the H1B specialty occupation category" as denial comment from my employer.

6. They have filed immediately an other amendment on Sep 2016 itself for the same client B and their new location and asked me to continue working there.

7. Now the new amendment is in progress with the USCIS.

8. I have got an emergency and I wanted to go to India and come back on Jan 2017. Do I face any problem in the port of entry? or am I allowed in the port of entry to enter inside USA and continue working? - My stamped is valid till 2017, my employer is same and my client since Jan 2015 is same. Please let me know.

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