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Hi, I have a question regarding PERM. I have been working FT for my current employer under EB3   for the past 6 years. Recently I have been promoted to new position which has some managerial responsibilities and different job requirements. Now my employer decided to pursue with PERM. under EB2.  At this junction, my wife got residency in different state. So we are planning to move and my employer is filing an Amendment regarding the job change along with the secondary work location (my  new home address). Now, my employer says that this will trigger an PERM audit due to multiple work locations, If we mention it in Amendment and do prevailing wage in 2 states, and mention it in PERM,  will this still trigger an audit..We are doing it legally including all work locations. Will there be a problem? Please advice.


Also, in case if new PERM gets denied, will my EB3 still be valid? I have EB3 I140 approved in 2012.

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