H4 Expired Out of status urgent


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My wife H4 is 45 days out of status at current . Some how  h4 extension was missed along with my h1 amendment.

Current my h1 amendment is in progress and I got RFE  . I have h1 extension approval notice.

I heard that my wife has to leave to india ASAP and get her h4 stamped again.

Will her h4 stamping will be approved due to out of status in past ?

Is there any limit on number of days she can be out of status to avoid issues in h4 stamping?

In DS-160 does she has to mention unlawful presence? If yes will there be problems during h4 stamping ?

can she use my h1 extension approval or she has to wait until my h1 amendment  gets approved for h4 stamping?





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