Pay Stubs for H1B visa stamping and documents to carry


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Hi all,

I am in a fix and I hope your valuable suggestions would help me a lot.

Currently, working for Company A on H1B(Regular, full time).Recently, got new job(regular, full time) and applied for H1B, which I am excepting to get very soon(Premium processing).

The thing is I have to go to india very soon and it looks like i might have only one or two pay stubs from the new employer by that time and will have all the other pay stubs from the

previous employer.

so, my question is would this be a problem during H1B visa(consulate:Hyderabad or chennai) , like if he asks for paystubs??

second one, how much is it needed to carry company employee details during H1B. In the hyderabad consulate web site, it says we need company employee detials with their salary, start, end date and state wage reports..etc. our company has 800 employees, would i need to carry all the details of 800 employees. ( mine is direct full time job).



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